Extraordinary general meeting of ECR Baltic members renewed ECR mandate to continue


On 12th of May 2016 ECR Baltic called extraordinary meeting of all members whereas majority of members presented (10 to 6) voted to continue ECR Baltic, approved changes in by laws (Statutes) to simplify ECR Baltic association governance and elected the new ECR Baltic Council (advisory board):

Mika Ylinen, Prisma

Edīte Strazdiņa, Latvian Agriculture Cooperatives Association

Janas Likšo, National Committee of European Pallets Association in Baltics (EPAL)

The minutes of the meeting available under request by email to +37126546645 Edgars Pentjuss, ECR Baltic

Among other ECR Baltic members pointed the key issues to be addressed by ECR Baltic and expressed the will to lead:

•             Products Master Data standardization;

•             Retail Ready Packaging;

•             Secondary packaging standardization;

•             Shopper Marketing

Currently the ECR Baltic advisory board and management are developing the value proposition to ECR Baltic members for the association to serve as the main collaboration platform and competence center for FMCG and modern retail sector on the national and Baltic levels.

Thank you for remaining ECR Baltic member,

Edgars Pentjuss, ECR Baltic

Press release: the new VMI manual published by the ECR Community


Dear ECR Baltic community member,

We are happy to announce the publishing of the new VMI manual by ECR Community thanks to ECR Baltic Supply Chain Committee members who gave valuable feedbacks during the development of the guide and Tallinn University of Technology represented by Dr. Hele Hammer team.

As from 10th of May the guide will be available for free on website!

According to ECR Baltic board the participation in this project was worth investment by ECR Baltic in the future supply chain development in Baltics promoting collaborative supply chain business models between retailers and manufacturers in FMCG sector.

Please read full press release in English below, available also press releases in  Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian.





Press release

Vendor managed inventory (VMI)

Ensuring high availability of goods while keeping stock low – the ECR Community’s new VMI manual explains how it is done

Bern, 10 May 2016 – The new VMI manual published by the ECR Community explains how better availability of goods can be ensured while keeping stock levels low. VMI principles and input on implementation, control and targets are also provided as part of the manual’s content, as well as best practice examples. Obtain a free copy in English at

Best practice in implementing VMI – a recommendation by the ECR Community highlights an efficient cooperation-based replenishment strategy, which facilitates high availability of goods while at the same time only requiring a low stock level. The publication comprises current contributions by supply chain experts from industry and academia as well as the findings of a survey conducted in 15 countries. In addition, key supply chain topics are addressed, including VMI principles and organisation, important categories, implementation, control, targets and IT coordination. The manual also describes the latest VMI theory and includes some tools and templates which make practical implementation easier for supply chain experts. It is a must have for all those who work in or manage supply chains in Europe.

The manual was developed by 15 ECR and GS1 organisations in cooperation with Dr. Hele Hammer at Tallinn University of Technology and coordinated by GS1 Switzerland. This unique cooperation is the first of its kind. Valentin Wepfer, Deputy CEO of ECR/GS1 Switzerland, explains: ‘Process models must have cross-border validity so they don’t become obsolete. The VMI manual is an initial step, but further cooperation will need to follow.’ Declan Carolan, Co-Chair of ECR Community says “The VMI Manual is the first major publication from ECR Community (formerly known as ECR Europe) and entirely appropriate in being so as it complements the purpose of ECR Community, to be the “flagship for collaboration”.

ECR/GS1 Switzerland is the platform on which experts optimise the flows of goods and information to create sustainable value. The global GS1 standards and ECR process models with which GS1 Switzerland works make possible the design of more efficient value chains. As an association of more than 5,000 member companies, GS1 Switzerland provides a network for all trading partners to co-operate and share expertise. In addition, practical training, useful publications and stimulating events enable the exchange of experience and knowledge to the benefit of all participants. GS1 Switzerland is a member of GS1 Global, as well as Efficient Consumer Response Europe and the European Logistics Association.

For more information about the VMI manual, please contact


ECR/GS1 Switzerland

Monbijoustrasse 68

3007 Bern

Valentin Wepfer, Deputy CEO

Tel.: +41 58 800 73 00

Fax: +41 58 800 73 99




Invitation to repeated and extraordinary ECR Baltic General Meeting of all members on 12th of May at 15:00 - 18:00 at Coca Cola Baltic Offices


Dear ECR Baltic member,

Please book the 12th of May at 15:00 - 18:00 to take part in ECR Baltic all members geneneral meeting in the form of teleconference from Coca Cola Baltic Offices:

Tallinn: Mustamäe Tee 16 (“Marienthali” center, 8th floor)

Riga: Ulbrokas iela 40

Vilnius: Seimyniskiu gatve 21b

Please confirm your participation by before 10th of May 2016 or call Edgars Pentjuss, ECR Baltic +37126546645

In case you can not participate in person, please submit us signed proxy form

Add to your calendar!

AGENDA (pdf):

15:00 – 15:15 Welcome and Introduction

15:15 – 15:45 Repeated General Meeting (Presentation/Agenda available for download: )

 ECR Baltic Council and Board approved Annual report 2015 with English translation | Audit report with English translation 

15:45 – 18:00 Extraordinary General Meeting

  • Recommendation (as per invitation letter) for further ECR Baltic development including: dissolving (closure), keeping dormant (sleeping) or activation by ECR Baltic Council members
  • ECR Baltic development 3 scenarios feasibility and explanation of liabilities by Edgars Pentjuss, ECR Baltic
  • Members discussion
  • Coffee break
  • Members discussion continued …
  • Voting (Dissolution of the Association, nomination of dissolution committee/officer OR election of the new Council and approval of changes in Statutes, please download voting and proxy form, word here! or in pdf)
  • Closure

19.04.2016 Meet us at EPAL Pallet Day, Vilnius


Check program, here!

Intermediary results for Defining 5 priority projects for FMCG/Retail in Baltics by Efficient Consumer Response Initiative


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