Trevor Holmes (Door Training & Consulting Baltic)

  Forum Facilitator. Trevor Holmes is a senior consultant for the International DOOR network, providing management training in Europe & The Middle East. He works with many leading companies in Finance, Retail, FMCG and IT sectors. He began his career as a manager for Marks & Spencer's UK, and represented several leading FMCG companies while employed as Director of Client services for a leading advertising group. He is British but has lived and worked in Lithuania for 12 years, is married and has two sons age 5yrs & 1yr. In his spare time he tries to play golf.


Morten Hansen (Stockholm School of Economics in Riga & NMS Consulting) 

 Estonia enters Euroland: A two-speed Baltic economic development ahead? 
Morten Hansen is Head of Economics Department at the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga and Director of NMS Consulting. Morten Hansen is a Danish citizen but a Permanent Resident of Latvia and has lived there since 1993. He often comments on and analyzes, nationally as well as internationally, the Latvian economy.



Innar Liiv (Tallinn University of Technology) 

 Gaining Shopper Insights using Market Basket Analysis    
Innar Liiv is an Associate Professor of Data Mining in the Department of Informatics at Tallinn University of Technology. He is the Head of Industrial Data Mining Lab, which does joint research and training projects with various companies from the industry (banking, telecommunication, supply chain management, warehousing etc.) and teaches similar topics (data mining, business intelligence, customer behavior analysis) to logistics, IT and business students. Having worked in software development, advertising and publishing, he enjoys the research of customer analytics, gaining shopper insights and understanding their behavior.


Daphne Kasriel-Alexander  (Euromonitor International) 

 Global consumer trends and the Baltic States: Beyond the Crisis     
Daphne Kasriel-Alexander works as Consumers Editor at Euromonitor International. In her current role she is responsible for commissioning and editing articles, series and bulletins on consumer trends, behaviour and attitudes including 50 country pulses. In addition, she writes a monthly Web 2.0 review and Euromonitor’s annual “Top 10 Consumer Trends” pieces which are global in scope. Daphne also manages the team of analysts based around the world who provide insights on consumer trends locally. All consumer material draws upon Euromonitor International’s extensive database, Passport.


Uldis Pāvuls  (Energise) 

 The role of internal communication in pursuit of a silver bullet: improving cross-departmental cooperation     
Uldis Pāvuls specialises in designing and delivering custom made corporate training programmes and facilitates building an efficient competence development system within a company. Completed master’s degree in organisational psychology at University of Stockholm. Has more than 10 years of experience in Human Resource Management consulting in Fontes Latvia team. Lecturing at University of Latvia and Stockholm School of Economics in Riga.


Anete Gribuste (Hill and Knowlton Latvia ) 

 The role of internal communication in pursuit of a silver bullet: improving cross-departmental cooperation     
Anete Gribuste is a Senior Account Executive at the leading PR agency in Latvia - Hill and Knowlton. She is responsible for managing a wide range of PR services for clients representing financial and IT sectors. Along with Uldis Pāvuls she is working within Hill and Knowlton Energise – offering internal communication and Human resource management consultations to middle & large-scale enterprises.



Mihhail Ralkin   (Edisoft Baltic)

 Masterdata synchronization and data qality survey result presentation 
Mihhail Ralkin graduated from the University of Tartu in 2000 and, as one of the founders, has worked at Edisoft Baltic since 1999. Mihhail has over ten years of experience in commercial documents' exchange between various business applications.  


Hele Hammer (Telema) 

 E-Invoices in retail: requirements, progress, challenges   
Hele Hammer is the CEO of Telema, the largest EDI operator in the Baltics. Previously, she served as the CFO and management board member of Amserv, a group of 14 car dealerships in Estonia and Latvia. Additionally, Hele has been teaching finance-related subjects at the Estonian Business School since 1997. Lately, she has focused on teaching graduate students and executives using the case method, her interest areas include supply chain management and business intelligence. In 2003, Hele got her PhD in Economics from the Tallinn University of Technology

Mateusz Boruta   (ECR Poland) 

Solving pallet issues for better trading      
Manages the activities of ECR Poland, which resulted in many practical tools and knowledge to help eliminate the not-value-ringing costs out of the supply chain. Through involvement in the ECR Poland and ECR Community - contributor to the value chain integration programmes and improvements in the functioning of numerous enterprises. Combines the experience of different areas (logistics, sales, marketing) to successfully carry out consultancy projects and ECR project management. Passionately explores issues generally considered not worth exploring - for example, related to the management of EUR pallets. Mateusz Boruta is an experienced coach for the pallet management and other ECR-related topics.


Ilze Kronberga (TNS Latvia ) 

 Drawing Brand Face - Consumer Touch. Case Study.  
Ilze Kronberga has been working in research since 2001. She has two main areas of expertise – consumer behavior and customer service quality. Together with other experts from TNS Latvia Ilze works on various market research projects for local and international companies to help them grow their businesses and improve sales. Ilze considers it as an important and very interesting job to do, because every research reveals a lot of new information. ”Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get” (from “Forrest Gump”).



Aleksei Dobrõšman  (Edisoft Baltic)

   E-Invoices in retail: requirements, progress, challenges  
Aleksei Dobrõšman has graduated from the University of Tartu in 2000 and is one of the founders of Edisoft Baltic since 2003. Aleksei has over seven years of experience in commercial documents' exchange between various business applications.   

Rasa Bagdoniene   (Kraft Foods)

   Traceability as an instrument for Crisis Management  
Rasa joined Kraft Foods in 1994 as CGA manager Lithuania, then her responsibility expanded to Baltics. Rasa is responsible for corporate communications. Her area of expertise is CSR, business ethics. She is a guest speaker at various conferences and is engaged in working with students of business universities in Lithuania.    



  Gintaras Praskevicius  (Kraft Foods)

   Traceability as an instrument for Crisis Management  
Gintaras holds PhD in Food technology. Gintaras joined KF in 1994 and his responsibility includes quality/ food safety process management at KF manufacturing in Kaunas. Gintaras is involved in sharing his expertise with Food technology students at Kaunas Technological University.  



  Darius Lapienis   (Rimi Baltic)

   On Shelf Availability (OSA) Project: retailer & manufacturer cooperation  
Darius is a supply chain and logistics development project specialist at RIMI Baltic. RIMI Baltic is one of leading retailers in the Baltics operating more than 230 stores in three formats. Darius started his career in RIMI as a trainee, later worked as marketing specialist before being moved to the current position. His areas of focus are On Shelf Availability, EDI and representation of RIMI in ECR. 


  Nadezda Naumenko   (Unilever)

   On Shelf Availability (OSA) Project: retailer & manufacturer cooperation  
Nadežda is leading Customer Development Support department in Unilever Baltic LLC since January 2009. In the scope of her current responsibilities are Category Management (CatMan), Point-of-Purchase (PoP), On-Shelf-Availability (OSA) projects. Nadežda has built strong category expertise and is the first point of contact in the company for category innovative solutions.


   Ekaterina Kurasheva   (ECR Russia)

   ECRoPEDIA - Global Source of Best Practice 
Ekaterina graduated from Moscow State University n.a. Lomonosov, Geography faculty with honours. Since 2008 Ekaterina is working as a project manager at ECR Russia nd is actively developing international internet-project ECR Community from its launch. As the official home for ECR Europe and ECR Asia Pacific (, the main challenge of this web-portal is uniting all ECR National Initiatives around the World and collecting global business knowledge, making it available for wide audience. 


    Maximilian Musselius    (ECR Russia)

   ECRoPEDIA - Global Source of Best Practice 
Maximilian is the executive Director of ECR-Russia. Graduated from Moscow State University n.a. Lomonosov, Economics (Master of Management) and Law (Civil Law) faculties. In 2000-2003. - Marketing Director Gambro Sweden AB, in 2003-2004 - Marketing Director, Senior Consultant, Kelis Consulting. Successful organizer and manager of numerous projects and initiatives within Russian ECR - one of the most active organizations within ECR Europe.


     Jukka Jokiranta     (ECR Finland)

   Category Management – New Ways of Cooperation
Jukka is a recognized cooperation process and Category Management expert in consumer goods industry and one of the first ECR Learning Programme Partners. Jukka has delivered several consulting projects in retailer-manufacturer cooperation and business development with multinational consumer goods companies. Jukka has over 10 years experience in sales and business process development from different industry sectors. Jukka holds an MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management.

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