Newsflash 2



Newsflash # 2
ECR Baltic Forum getting around and “Ice Breaking Events” on 9th of November

Check out Newsflash # 1 for the ECR Baltic Forum agenda novelties and what’s special about this year form?

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The 5th annual Efficient Consumer Response Baltic forum will take place in Radisson Blu Latvija hotel,   Elizabetes Street 55, Riga on 10th of November, 2011. Following the last year’s success - the forum gathered more than 240 participants and speakers from more than 90 companies. Today we have already more than 100 registered participants to the Forum (please check instantly updated participating companies list, here! ).

Please register before 7th November!


09.11.2011 at 11:00 Retail Manufacturer Tour 

The forum starts already on the 9th of  November at 11:00 with the field trips, retail store and manufacturer’s site visits (BTW: less than 10 seats left for the retail-manufacturer tour!) followed with the Evening Event with ECR Baltic Board, Speakers, Sponsors and Participants.

The first visit is planned for Riga Plaza and PRISMA supermarket visit. The tour will be guided by the Company management to introduce and answer the questions about the store format and supply chain specifics.


Afterwards we are visiting famous traditional Latvian bread bakery for the secrets of baking real rye bread and the upkeep of ancient baking traditions.

"Lāči" is baking high-quality and natural bread according to ancient Latvian bread baking traditions, as well as the development of original confectionary items.

IMPORTANT: It is not allowed to take photos and videos without prior permission from the hosting company neither inside the store or in back offices!


9.11.2011 at 19:00 Evening Event:

The Evening Event shall start at 19:00 in Galleria Riga 7th floor restaurant Ciro’s Pomodoro to meet ECR Baltic Board, Speakers, Sponsors and Participants with a free atmosphere for networking and warm up before the forum.

The cosmopolite restaurant “Ciro’s Pomodoro” shall pleasantly surprise you with exclusive flavor nuances, great atmosphere and live music. The company created by two famous families – Orsini and Coppola – is a perfect symbiosis of Italian cuisine, subtle feelings and boundless energy for more than 30 years already. The restaurant in Riga is as artful and of as high a quality as “Ciro’s Pomodoro” in Abu Dhabi or Los Angeles.



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