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8 NOV 2012 ECR Baltic Vilnius Forum Newsflash: sustainability, food and packaging waste

This year the annul Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) Baltic forum will take place in Vilnius on 8th November at Le Meridian Hotel (Villon). The forum gathers consumer goods and retail professionals from Baltics with the common aim to fulfil consumer wishes better, faster and at less cost in a more sustainable way!products and packaging waste prevention  

Sustainability, food and packaging waste topic is the first time addressed in detail at ECR  Baltic  forums however our work streams on pallets management and reusable packaging standardization initiatives goes in line with achieving overall Baltic market sustainability and waste reduction in mind.

So why food and packaging waste?  

In current global society the situation with the food and packaging waste is “criminal”. According to recent reports the 1/3 in Europe and 1/2 in the US of produced food goes to waste. The big part of the waste is generated already on manufacturer and retailer side before the consumer even touches it.

The answers on why it is a real issue and what we can do together shall be answered during the plenary session and special workshop with James Tupper, IGD UK (ECR UK). The situation in Baltics will be revealed as well.

Who shall attend the workshop?

The material waste in the supply chain is caused as much by brand, marketing and commercial decisions as it is by distribution, ordering, customer service and operations planning functions. This time it will be extremely useful for commercial and marketing people form manufacturers, retailers, packaging suppliers and distributors!

About the plenary session and workshop:

Plenary: Preventing Product and Packaging Waste from Occurring in the First Place between Factory In-gate and Till: Why it’s a Real Issue! Sustainable distribution - Source IGD 2008

  • the scale of these performance gaps, why opportunities to improve have not been exploited and why the gaps have grown so big
  • how some in the industry are challenging assumptions, driving change, demonstrating achievements and influencing the framework within which it operates
  • hard hitting case studies hot off the press from some of the most proactive FMCG and retail businesses in UK and elsewhere in Europe


Workshop: How to Improve Performance Together?

As a result of this workshop – which builds upon the earlier presentation – delegates will further develop their willingness and ability to:

  • Gauge the extent to which preventing material waste from occurring in the first place should be more firmly on their agenda
  • Use the evidence provided to engage colleagues and trade partners to improve end-to-end waste performance
  • Identify actions to truly engage others, embed waste elimination disciplines into day-to-day operations and sustain low waste
  • Adapt the methods proven elsewhere and apply them in the Baltic States


About the speaker: James Tupper, ECR Learning & Change Manager, IGD.

James Tupper IGD / ECR UKJames manages the Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) UK Product & Packaging Waste Workgroup of suppliers, wholesalers and retailer – see box below.  James helps companies to implement ECR practices in the food and grocery industry through sessions and programmes that save them time and achieve step change business benefits.  James joined IGD in 2002.  He creates and facilitates Performance Improvement Programmes which fully engage cross-functional trading partner teams to align processes, increase availability and minimise reworking, escalation, fire-fighting and issue resolution costs.  During over 50 In-store Excellence Sessions in 8 countries across 3 continents, 1000 people for 300 vendors have been helped by James to get first-hand experience of stacking shelves, building promotions and changing ranges and so identify how to improve their supply chain solutions and services to make it easier for retailers to sell more and waste less.  Prior to joining IGD, James worked for Cranfield University for 15 years.  James has 30 years' experience of developing people and business performance in the food and grocery industry across Europe, Asia, Africa and north America. James has undertaken assignments in Armenia, Australia, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Holland, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Kenya, Latvia, Malaysia, Norway, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Romania, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Tanzania, Turkey, Uganda, UK and USA.

About ECR UK Product & Packaging Waste Workgroup :

The ECR UK Product & Packaging Waste Workgroup is co-chaired by the Supply Chain Directors of Asda Walmart and Unilever and resourced by Nestlé, Booker, Kraft, Sainsbury's, Coca-Cola, Morrisons, Brakes, Mars, Waitrose, PepsiCo and Tesco.  In 2010 the workgroup focused on metrics, best practice and the work of other parties.  Two metrics were develop, proposed and endorsed by the ECR UK Board and IGD Policy Issues Council.  A highly practical best practice guide was assembled and published:  Thirty-four companies were recruited to support the two industry targets: to prevent and to recover supply chain waste across 2010-2012.  In 2011 training was provided, waste reduction initiatives reported, substantial achievements towards the targets announced, and the Supply Chain Waste Prevention Guide ‘12 was enhanced with a collaboration tool and several more case studies.  In 2012 reported waste reduction achievements have met the targets a year early.  A new stretch target is now being established.  New outputs include and soon-to-be-published responsibility matrix.

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