Baltic EUR pallets assessment cards


As from the 1st of August 2013 EUR pallet system split in two compatible systems of single brand EUR and EPAL.

ECR Baltic recommends equally use and exchange EUR and EPAL pallets, including those manufactured before the August 2013, provided that they meet technical and quality criteria specified in UIC-Leaflet 435-2, based on EN 13698-1 norm.

The list of licensed EPAL pallets manufacturers and repairers available, here:

For assessment of new EUR and EPAL pallets regardless if you use Pallet Assessment Cards Baltic v1.0 (Lithuanian | Latvian | Estonian | Russian) or v2.1 for Latvia before they are integrated in ECR Baltic pallet assessment cards, please use draft Baltic version v3.0 February 2016 (also in Estonian).


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v2.1, March 2013. Temporary ECR Baltic EUR Pallets Assessment Cards for Latvian market in cooperation with LPUF and LPTA:

v2.1 pdf drukas versija Latviski
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v2.1 pdf working version English 

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v1.0, March 2012, ECR Baltic EUR Pallets Assessment Cards:

ECR Baltic Pallets and RTI recommendations

The Baltic PACs are free for download:

v1.0 English | Russian   | Lithuanian | Latvian | Estonian


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The ECR Baltic pallets assessment working group has developed EUR Pallets Assessment Cards (PAC) with the aim to help all parties involved in EUR Pallets exchange to recognize proper/legal EUR pallet and to assess its quality for exchange or expelling from open circulation for pallet repair or recycling.

The hard copies available for purchase (please contact ECR Baltic) :

v 1.0 at 2.00 EUR/pc + 21% VAT if applicable, minimum order 200 pcs in one language (delivery time 2 weeks +/- 2 days).

v 1.0 at 3.50 EUR/pc + 21% VAT if applicable, minimum order 20 pcs any language combination (subject to availability in stock).

Pickup at ECR Baltic office, Riga or as per regular mail charges. To place your order just email to or call/text: +37126546645