ECR Baltic crates standardization in the Baltics


News from ECR Baltic members:

"ECR Baltic standard dimension crates used already by many suppliers.

BEPCO, leading Baltic pallet and retail ready packaging solution provider, has launched its innovative returnable plastic crates system for the whole FMCG and retail sectors. Crates designed according to ECR Baltic suggested standard dimensions are fully compatible with each other and nestable when empty. All Bepco assets are also wearing RFID tags giving opportunities to take whole supply to the next level.

The Bepco crates system, designed by world leading packaging designers, for use in high speed production lines, are ideal for storing, moving and displaying all category products direct from producer to retail shelves, reducing product handling and packaging, improving product quality and increasing in-store efficiency.

Mr. Marius Dromantas,  Logistics Director at AB Žemaitijos Pienas, has been using Bepco crates for more than 8 months delivering milk products to all Baltic countries. According to his experience, Bepco crates system is satisfactory in all planned criteria's. “99% of our products fit perfectly in to the 3 different crates and there is much less “air” delivery”. Great savings come from returning empties. But he admits, that to get all the possible savings from the system, one needs to work with internal processes and external logistics. Another great challenge is to implement RFID technology in production and logistics. RFID labels inside all long lasting crates and pallets makes this possible.“

Bepco RFID gates have been working in Estonia already half a year. Our reading accuracy is proved to be 99,98% says Bepco technology development partner Mr. Janek Balõnski from OÜ Logisitcs IT Partner. Crates movement data is already exchanged between most major retailers in the Baltics. It gives us possibility to track crates, prevent “black” market and make fair exchange of crates possible.

Allar Kahju, RIMI’s Head of Supply Chain (Estonia), said that their crates delivery, space utilization in stores and returning is already giving positive sings of efficiency.

Ott Sarv from Selver adds that good suitability with products and 60% space saving when returning empties gives us another challenge – what to do with returning empty trucks. There are three innovative suppliers in the Baltic who have already started to use Bepco’s Baltic standard crates Tere, Žemaitijos Pienas and Oskar LT. We also see great potential in developing RFID infrastructure. Multiuse crates and pallets with RFID tags are making it possible. We welcome this initiative and hope that there will be many followers soon."

Source: BEPCO