EDI checklist


Check list to start EDI in practice

1. Select an EDI-Provider. Company, which is supporting infrastructure (transmitting channels, storage, applications) and integrates data between various applications.

2. Sign the Service-oriented agreement with EDI-Provider. It is not just buying a piece of software, it is more like buying service, which is constantly supported by the EDI-provider.

3. Make sure you have GLN number. This will easily enable your company to exchange electronic documents cross-borders.

o Bodies that issue GLNs in the Baltic States

GS1 Estonia

GS1 Latvia

GS1 Lithuania

4. Give the contacts of your business software application servicing company to the EDI-provider. Business-software has to have the option to import and export data in and out. Then true EDI is possible.

5. Give the contact details of your business (decision-maker) and IT (technical) personnel to the EDI-provider.

6. Figure out, whether and how you manage your Masterdata. Another words, whether you are changing the product information on an everyday basis.

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Check list to start EDI in practice

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