EDI messages


What types of data can you exchange using EDI?

The current published GS1 EANCOM and XML standards will allow for the exchange of data for virtually all types of transactions in a traditional supply chain.

The standards cover the following key function areas:

o Masterdata Alignment – The process of aligning data relating to products, services, locations and prices involved in most typical business relationships.

o Ordering – The processes of ordering and deriving orders from a sales forecast.

o Physical Distribution – The process of physical distribution of the goods, covering delivery advice and delivery confirmation.

o Finance – The processing of invoice and credit details, statements, remittances and electronic funds transfer.

Most common document types in Baltic region:

INVOIC  Invoice
DESADV  Shipment advice
RECADV  Shipment confirmation
INVRPT  Storage status, quality changes
SLSRPT  Sales report
LOCCAT Location catalogue

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