RTIs recommendations


Free version of RTIs matching initial recommendations:

Upon members request ECR Baltic have developed detailed RTI solution (draft drawings) matching initial recommendations with the aim to provide exact dimensions to be freely used by any party in developing nestable RTI solutions. Download drawings in PDF for

400x300 foot print (Dairy)

ECR1-400-300-118.pdf | ECR1-400-300-118stacknest.pdf

ECR2-400-300-170.pdf | ECR2-400-300-170stacknest.pdf

ECR3-400-300-290.pdf | ECR3-400-300-290stacknest.pdf

600x400 foot print (Other categories)

ECR4-600-400-180.pdf | ECR4-600-400-180stacknest.pdf

ECR5-600-400-240.pdf | ECR5-600-400-240stacknest.pdf

Other variations of nestable RTI:

ECR6-400-150-118.pdf | ECR6-400-150-118stacknest.pdf

ECR7-400-150-180.pdf | ECR7-400-150-180.pdf

Alternate place to browse the drawings:


Additional features:

Maximum nominal top load dynamic, kg
400x300x118mm 100kg
400x300x170mm 110kg
400x300x290mm 108kg


Crate RAL 7040 (light grey)
Bar for 400x300x118mm crate RAL 7043 (dark grey)
Bar for 400x300x170mm crate RAL 1018 (yellow)
Bar for 400x300x290mm crate RAL 5015 (blue)

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