Career in Retail?


Why should you consider a career in Retail?

1. Stable business
Food retailing is the business which fulfills the basic need of eating, drinking, and cleaning. There are not that many people who would refuse a dinner to buy a new computer or a nice car. Even in the time of economic downfall Retailing is the business you would least expect and see suffering massive lay-offs. We can assure a safer job position in this dynamic and fluctuating world.

2. It is a business in the centre of media attention
If you take any business or daily paper you will always find at least several articles about retailing. As everyone is a consumer this business will always be one of the centers of discussions. No matter what is the topic, VAT increase, meat prices, ecological or genetically modified products, the retailers are the ones media usually turn to for answers. It is never dull, never a routine.

3. It is all about people (employees and customers)
Food retailing is a business all about people. Everyone is our customer, the ones who come and the ones who work in our companies. Each and every store is like a small enterprise, where employee count differs from 20 to 300, and it might be more than a quarter of a million of employees in global retail chains. So it is an every day work to make the life of our customers easier, the experience more pleasurable and the satisfaction higher.

4. Gain in depth knowledge in many fields quickly
Imagine tens of thousands of different products with enormous quantities moving from the factory to the consumers' homes. Everything has to be controlled and planned in order to give consumers a good experience. Retail is the business in the whirlpool of all this. Decisions have to be made precisely and fast because of the rapid pace, pressure from competitors, and rising demands from consumers. No matter what department you are working in you are bound to get in touch with all departments in one way or the other. This builds a broader picture and leads to a better understanding of consumer market and the economy as the whole. So don't forget to take your learning skills from university to your office desk.

5. Wide range of fields to experience
Retailing is not just stores. There are a lot of functions and departments behind. We can guarantee that when it comes to jobs in retailing you can work almost in any field there is. Stores, supply chain, marketing, real estate are just a few of the fields you will definitely experience. In addition due to the rapid nature of the business after working even for some time you will have an opportunity to develop your skills in several fields. All it takes is the ambition and passion to learn.

6. Always on the wave peak of trends and innovation
The retail store is usually the last step for the product before getting to the consumer's home. This means just one thing. All the novelties of consumer orientated industries will end up on the store shelf. So working in retailing means being surrounded by new things each and every day. And not just that. Everyday retailers work on creating new ways to make the experience of customers better and better. So grab your creativity and let's go…

7. Opportunities nationwide, urban and rural
Maybe you prefer a neighborly atmosphere of a small town, or maybe an active and dynamic pace of a big city. Retail as a business can offer a perspective career both in urban and rural areas. You can start your career in a local grocery store and make your career all the way up to the top. We have plenty of examples for such success stories. If you are the wandering type we also have positions that can fulfil this way of life. You choose what you want to be, we can provide the basis to help you grow.

8. International career? No problem!
It is known for a fact that some young people are fancying a career abroad. Most of them start it there from scratch. Our proposal is not to be hasty. It is much easier to start locally at a multinational organization and continue abroad. The number of Baltic Retailers is a part of an international companies originating from Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia with operations throughout Central and Eastern Europe, Scandinavian Countries and whole Europe.

9. Dynamic everyday
Retail is the business that touches almost everyone everyday. Having such a great effect and so many stakeholders this business is destined to be as dynamic as it gets. We can say that every day is like no other. Fast reaction and ability to make decisions under great pressure is the qualities that retail seeks in its employees. Retail business cannot guarantee a quiet and settled working environment but can definitely prove to be one of the most dynamic places to embark on your journey of career.

10. A place were results of actions are seen immediately
If you are a manufacturer and you plan to launch a new product it may take up to a half a year to develop and approximately same time to evaluate the success. In retail any little thing you do can spell success in just weeks, and you can get back to the "blackboard" and find ways to improve it. All you need is the determination to try.

11. Business of senses and emotions
Your everyday job in retail is to remember that people understand the world that surrounds it through senses: sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste. You shouldn't forget that only a pleasurable experience with all five senses can provide the ultimate satisfaction. A nice smell of freshly baked bread, fully and nicely stocked shelves, calm music in the surrounding, possibility to touch a new towel is everything that makes an experience in the store more pleasurable. And if you would work with us, this would be what you shouldn't forget.

* * *
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