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Development of 5 Day FMCG and Retail Course Initiative.

Below is a brief description of FMCG/Retail training course based on examples
discussed on previous meetings (including experiences from other

Purpose: Build capabilities for University students to work in FMCG/Retailing, giving overview of value chain, scale of operation, challenging and possibilities for career. Course also introduces key areas of FMCG/Retail value chain, like supply chain process, customer management/relationships, consumer marketing and management with information.

Content: Course will be 5 afternoons and include number of lectures from industry and organized by University or student organization.

Day 1. Introduction to FMCG/Retail industry
This day will establish overview of industry and understanding of roles between
companies operating in industry. Basics of business dynamics within industry.

Day 2. Consumer driven business
This day covers consumer aspects of industry and focus to models our products and
services are developed (based on consumer needs). Practical examples for new
concepts or products are introduced to markets.

Day 3. Effective operations in long value chain
This day covers elements of operation, which are very large part of cost structure in
FMCG/Retail industry. Day will cover joint approach to improve operations and
specifically example of development projects

Day 4 Future trends
This day looks future of industry and challenges which industry faces at the moment.
And how these are currently managed.

Day 5. Case study
Case study based on some today's challenges within industry, using specific
company examples. This will include briefing by company concerned and
presentation back to company.

Owner: University representatives

Timing: to be agreed case by case

* * *
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