Internship guidelines


Summer internships – ECR Baltic guidelines:

Target groups
Students - Students on 3rd and 4th year of studies
Enterprises - FMCG enterprises

3 summer months (July-September) or part-time during winter

To do’s - preparation phase, Students:
• Specify profile of target internship company
• Define the internship project or tasks for internship, define goals
• Communicate to ECR:
- profile of target company
- description of project or expected tasks, responsibility area
- preferred time
- short profile description of intern him/herself.

To do’s - preparation phase, Enterprises:
• Communicate to ECR
- description of internship topic or project
- short profile of expected intern
- preferred time
• Short Enterprise description or definition of source for such description
• Agree with intern the exact time of internship
• Define internship mentor (line manager or a buddy) and inform the person about intern and internship details (project, goals, timing, company expectations)
• Prepare workplace for intern (if required).

To do’s - Internship and close up phase, Enterprises:
• At the beginning provide overview of company and relevant work area to intern (cover all aspects of business, also areas which are not relevant for specific project)
• Introduce mentor and the team
• Brief intern about company expectations, agree on goals of internship and if required also deliverables and time plan
• Assist intern during internship and provide feedback
• Plan and conduct a review at the end (include feedback re. agreed goals and expectations, make proposals for future development).

To do’s - Internship and close up phase, Students:
• Work towards agreed goals and along company (and university) expectations
• Prepare and deliver agreed deliverables to company (e.g. project presentation to senior management, other deliverables of company initiated projects).

What an internship should not be (guidelines for Enterprises)
• Internship should not be only support for simpler every day tasks of an enterprise team - a “cheap” operational or office support;
• Intern should not be left without dedicated mentor (line manager or a buddy person);
• Intern should not start without introduction of Enterprise, his/ her specific work area and agreement of internship goals;
• Intern should not finish the internship without review at the end.


* * *
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