Presentations from previous meetings and forums (*.PDF) about unification of returnable secondary packaging:

Questionnaire about current pallet pooling routines in Baltic countries.
Summary, November 2010.

Chep presentation at ECR Baltic Pallet workshop  by Kat Titterington & Michael Archer


Solving Pallet Issues for Better Trading by Mateusz Boruta (ECR Poland)

Pallets pooling models by ECR Baltic

Pallets pooling Inro by Rita Rozentāle (Schoeller Arca Systems)

How to build an effective FMCG distribution system through collaboration between industry and trade  Tryggwe Göransson (Svenska return System)

Empties Standardization and Optimization pan Baltic project for milk crates  Mati Virves (Valio Baltic); Rita Rozentāle (Schoeller Arca Systems); Anna Zolotarjova (Rimi Baltic) & Gediminas Sabonis (MAXIMA Grupe)
Part 1; Part 2 (Maxima)