EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)


Group leader: Edgars Pentjušs, ECR Baltic

≈ 17 active participants

 EDI Working group consists of IT and logistic managers of member companies as well as solution providers and invited participants from the industry.

Main priorities:

• Evaluation of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solutions and its compliance to Global stand ards
• Setting requirements for EDI solutions
• Sharing the best practices of EDI in Baltic States and Europe.

Past Events and Meetings:

26.04.2012 Master Data Management (Data Pool) Seminar and Working Group meeting
03.02.2012. GDSN seminar and EDI meeting
15.09.2011 EDI (GS1 eCom) for retail seminar

EDI presentation from ECR Baltic     GS1 Sweden presentation on EDI in Retails

15.04.2010 ECR Baltic EDI Seminar ‘Electronic Data Interchange to Optimize the Business Processe's in the Baltic’s’  Find out more

EDI Library:

What is EDI by ECR Baltic

ECR Europe Efficient Replenishment & EDI User Guide by Roland Berger & Partners (1996)