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Download presentation from Estonian Forum for Cooperation about Latvian Law of prohibition of unfair trading practices in retail, here!

Download SCI presentation from Lithuanian Traders Forum, here!


Download SCI presentation, here!

ECR Baltic Session Agenda:

“Together for good trading practices – European Supply Chain Initiative in Baltics”

-    About the framework to implement good trading practices.

-    What it is for food supply chain retailers, distributors, farmers and manufacturers.

-    How to subscribe as an individual company (letter of intent ) 

 -    Call to action in Baltics. (Call to action)

-    More information (in Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian):

Principles of Good Practice in vertical relationships in the Food Supply Chain.
The principles provide a framework for conducting business that respects contractual freedom and ensures competitiveness. The document also contains a list of examples of fair and unfair practices in vertical trading relationships. 

Estonian version principles | Lithuanian version principles | Latvian version principles |
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The Framework:
This document lays down the general features of the framework, including its scope, operational requirements, provisions on the governance of The Initiative, and performance indicators to help measure effectiveness and impact. This framework offers a complement to EU and national rules and regulations or other voluntary schemes and therefore does not replace them.

Estonian version FrameworkLithuanian version framework | Latvian version framework |
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Letter of intent:

If you are in the process of complying with the obligations set up in the Framework to implement the Principles of Good Practices, but are not fully ready, you are encouraged to signal your intent to sign up to the Initiative.

To do so, please download one of the following transations of the letter of intent, fill it in and send it to the Secretariat.

letter_of_intent_ee.docx | letter_of_intent_lt.docx | letter_of_intent_lv.docx |
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The purpose of the initiative is to promote fair business practices in the food supply chain as a basis for commercial dealings. It aims to generate a culture change through a commitment of signatories to fair trading practices coupled with measures aimed at integrating those principles into company day to day operations and control their application.

The framework also aims to ensure that companies address disputes in a fair and transparent manner whilst reassuring the complainant that it will not suffer from retaliation.

Focus on SMEs: The framework is designed for all companies irrespective of their size. Conscious however of the administrative burden that some requirements may generate for SMEs, special attention has been given to SMEs so as to fit their specific needs.

Recent ECR Baltic presentation at Ministry of Agriculture in Latvia:

Download presentation b2b fair trade latviski

Also available for download at members area:

Voluntary European Supply Chain Initiative , what it is for Baltic food chain companies? by Christel Delberghe, EuroCommerce, Director of Policy, competitiveness and food at ECR Baltic Forum 2014

The Finnish Board of Trading Practices in the Food Supply Chain | Koostöö konverents: Koostöö või võimuvõitlus? 31.10.2014, Tallinn, Mr. Janne Koivisto, Finnish Grocery Trade Association.


The European Supply Chain Initiative - a framework to promote fair business practices a presentation by Anders Ladefoged, AIM – the European Brands Association at ECR Baltic Forum 2013

Relevant documentation:






The_Supply_Chain_Initiative_Letter_of_intent_EE.docx (in Estonian)

The_Supply_Chain_Initiative_Letter_of_intent_LT.docx (in Lithuanian)

The_Supply_Chain_Initiative_Letter_of_intent_LV.docx (in Latvian)

FMCG declaration on Supply Chain Initiative from Czech market.


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