GDS and MD working group



* Baltic product Item Information (data model) Baltic filter for GDSN data pools;
* B2C, B2G extensions: 1169/2011 Directive impact, need for "digital" labels as from Dec. 2014
* ECR Baltic master data manual (guidelines) defending the draft
* Market overview and latest developments: pilots

Learn more: Edgars Pentjuss, +37126546645


Brief and key competences:  Alignment of Baltic Retail product cards and manage master data quality issues and compliance to standards (GS1). Global Data Synchronization (connection to GDSN) and common data pool introduction/promotion in Baltics.


• Enable quality master data management and synchronization through GDSN certified data pools in Baltics
• Setting digital agenda for ECR Baltic community (Data extensions from B2B2C, B2G, aggregators, EDI, e-commerce, mobile commerce)


• Solution providers benchmarking (3 potential solution providers, download sample excel table, here!).
• Pilots (pairs of practice) support
• Common GDSN data attribute set to be defined and agreed between retailers and suppliers
• Quality Master Data and Data Synchronization Manual publication (promoting the concept).

Common Baltic Product Card (IMPORTANT: If you are a retailer, please send your most recent master data sheet to )

- 01_Product_Card_Rimi_Baltic.xls
- 01_Product_Card_Rimi_Estonia_without_macros.xls
- 01_Product_Card_Rimi_Latvia.xls
- 01_Product_Card_Rimi_Lithuania.xls
- 02_Product_Card_Maxima.xls
- 03_Product_Card_IKI.xls
- 04_Product_Card_Prisma.xls 

All the above product card files available for download, here:

Country Samples:

ECR Poland: Common Product Card (CPC) Pilot presentation, CPC excel form, CPC attributes English v., CPC manual google translation
ECR Russia: ECR Russia .

GS1 Finland:
GS1 Sweden:

Presentations from previous meetings and seminars:

NEW: Rimi Baltic at Riga Food 2014.09

ECRRussia_RIGA_MDSync.pdf ECR Russia Master Data management specifications blue book
(download PDF, here!)







Saphety_ECR_Baltic 20120426.pdf

Master Data Management intro presentation

Learn more on

Benefits for retailers:

Benefits for suppliers:



Registered working group members:


Birgit Patterer, Kraft Foods
Jurgita Kelpsiene, Kraft Foods Lietuva
Evaldas Ciukas, AB "Kraft Foods Lietuva"
Inese Bertulane, Nutricia SIA
Jacob Goldman, Sonata Enterprise Inc. Filiale Latvia
Ramona Skribāne , NP Foods
Agris Treiguts, Eugesta Latvia
Sofija  Kozlovska , L'Oreal Baltic
IRINA Drozdova , EDAKS
Edīte Strazdiņa, KS Mūsmāju Dārzeņi
Dalia Sunklodaitė, Nestlé Baltics
Agnese Niedra, Unilever Baltics 


Zane Silina, Rimi Baltic
Robert Viira, Prisma
Edvinas Volkas, Maxima Group
Pavels Burbickis, Palink   
Sandis Laizāns, Statoil 

Others (Industry Associations):

Edgars Pentjuss, ECR Baltic,
Indre Lasioniene, GS1 Lithuania,
Janis Lublinskis, GS1 Latvija,
Margus  Aaslaid , OÜ BEPCO,
Janek Balonski, Bepco (Pooling company)

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