RTI providers list


Please find below the list of ECR Baltic standard compatible crates providers in various business models:

The below are the companies who have made an offer for RTIs in dairy categories on 300x400 foot print crates to

In rent and/or pool busines model (2):
Bepco OU

Nores Plastic OU

For sale (3+1):

Schoeller Alibert SIA,

Hoda UAB,
Plastma UAB,
Plasteksus UAB (tbc)

* * *

Other RTIs (also 400x600 foot print crates for other categories) and pallets providers and poolers, ECR Baltic members:
Container Centralen


* * *

Download full list of RTI developers and poolers. here:
RTI_developers.pdf to update information with your company details, please send information to ECR Baltic: / Call +37126546645!

Learn more about ECR Baltic RTI unification initiative and ECR Baltic crates standard (incl. royalty free drawings to develop compatible RTI systems).

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ECR Baltic RTI standardization competition law and antitrust compliance message:

* Participation in ECR Baltic RTI standard-setting is unrestricted to all parties

* The procedure for adopting the standard in question is transparent

* There is no obligation to comply with the standard by ECR Baltic (it is voluntary and to be agreed bilaterally by trading partners)

* Access to the standard is on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms