13.07.2011 An introduction to Supply Chain


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What was told and references from the 13.07.2011 an Introduction to Supply Chain Workshop in Riga, what was the most useful?

* Most useful for me was to see SC generally - not only from suppliers W & D perspective, but also from retailers;
* Supply Chain engagement
* As introduction the workshop was very compact and good. I liked the game;
* Sustainability, trends, collaboration
* Game, Sustainability part
* measuring success, group exercises

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Edgars Pentjuss, ECR Baltic
Call/SMS +371 26546645

Workhop details (1 Day, in English) This practical one day workshop that will demonstrate the vital part that supply chains play in underpinning FMCG businesses. You will learn what is expected of supply chains, how success is measured and the part that collaboration plays in driving efficiency and effectiveness.

Combining simulation games, case studies and group exercises, this step-by-step workshop will enable you to understand the extended supply chain, from farm to shopper, and the part it plays within the wider business.

Key learning outcomes

• Recognise the importance of the supply chain and the challenges it faces
• Evaluate retailers key supply chain initiatives and the implications for suppliers
• Appreciate the supply chain from the perspective of different stakeholders
• Identify where supply chains fail and how to ensure service levels are maximised
• Balance cost, service and sustainability

Who will benefit from attending?

This workshop is designed for individuals who are new to the supply chain or those whose supply chain career has focused on one part of the chain. It is ideal for those making a change of career, moving from another business function, or those joining a supply chain function for the first time.

Delivery and venue details:

We know that people learn in different ways: by sight, sound and touch. This workshop is highly visual, interactive and practical. Group exercises and discussions are used throughout the day and we ensure that attendees ‘learn by doing’ so that you can apply your new knowledge and skills back in your business. Case studies and best practice examples are used throughout.

Participants will receive a copy of the key training materials.

Recent attendees include:

  • Supply chain/distribution graduate
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Supply Chain Development Manager
  • Demand Planner
  • Inventory Manager
  • Forecasting Manager
  • Distribution Manager
  • Supply Manager
  • Logistics Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Buyer

Start at 9:00 - 17:00, Radisson Blu Latvija, Elizabetes 55, Riga


  • Welcome – meet your course tutor and other delegates
  • What a supply chain is and isn’t – focussing on the supply chain as a series of events ending with the consumer.
  • An illustration of simple supply chains and the more complex grocery chain
  • The supply chain game – an interactive simulation of push and pull supply chains
  • Understanding the relationship between KPIs like availability and inventory
  • Measuring success at ‘the moment of truth’
  • Shopper reactions to out of stocks – availability as a fundamental need from supply chains and a source of strategic importance
  • Understanding service and availability through the chain; supplier to retailer DC, retailer DC to store and back of store to shelf.
  • Root causes of out of stocks
  • Availability in action case study
  • The effect of promotions on supply chains and availability
  • The supply chain trade off; cost versus service
  • How we know if a supply chain is performing; financial measures, key performance measures, non financial measures
  • Characteristics of successful customer and shopper focussed supply chains
  • The food and grocery industry, size of market and key players
  • Key retailer strategies and what they mean for their supply chains
  • Development and innovation taking place in the supply chain
  • Retailer supply chain initiatives and what they mean for suppliers.
  • Collaboration in action case study
  • Retailer and supplier engagement – what does successful engagement looks like?
  • What capabilities do retailers expect
  • What capability give competitive advantage
  • What are best in class supply chain capabilities
  • Benchmarking engagement
  • Engagement in action case study
  • Definitions and theories of sustainability – what it is, what it isn’t and why it’s important
  • Stakeholders and engagement in sustainability
  • What does sustainability mean for the supply chain
  • Developing a sustainable supply chain
  • The future of the sustainable supply chain


What was told: Introduction to Supply Chain - Delegate Feedback

Which part of the workshop did you find most useful?

• Case studies, finding out what competitors do.
• Retailing different forms of collaboration, which made me think outside of our own business.
• Supply chain trends/lego workshop – Supply and Demand
• Learning about the supply chain (end to end).  Great info.
• Enjoyed the united group exercise – useful practical demonstration
• Understanding the supply chain from supplier to customer
• Aspects of collaborating
• Gained a better understanding  of end to end supply chain
• Change in supply chain – Push and pull
• Debates
• The evolution of the supply chain section
• To understand how the supply chain function link up
• Remembering that there are many facets to supply chain
• The participation exercises
• General discussion
• Understanding 'we' all have, mostly, same opinions
• Understanding other areas of supply chain
• Learning more about the supply chain focus - the basics and the fundamentals
• Just learning a little more about everything it was useful overall
• Gaining a better understanding of the supply chain and how it works
• Understanding trends
• All of the content was useful
• Trends and measures of success
• Supply chain trends
• Insight into ones supply chain, future trends

Other comments
• I suggest that all buyers would be required to attend this course so they can understand the impact of decisions/ deals that they make with the supplier.
• Great learning experience for someone new to SC and as a refresh for others
• Would be great for new starters to help total understanding of supply chain

About Facilitator: Karen Chalmers, Senior Supply Chain Analyst

Karen Chalmers, IGDAs a Senior Business Analyst in the Supply Chain team, Karen is responsible for managing ECR UK Workgroups on ‘Sustainable Distribution’ and ‘On-Shelf Availability as well as running ECR’s bi-monthly On-Shelf Availability Survey.
Broadening IGD’s knowledge base on sustainable supply chains, Karen authored the ‘Sustainable Distribution' report and developed the ECR UK Sustainable Distribution Toolkit, which provides practical guidance on transport collaboration, the use of consolidation, transport technology, improving vehicle utilisation, the use of alternate transport modes and how to capture and record road miles savings.
Karen contributes to training and collaborative based programmes involving participants from across the food industry and is a trainer on IGD’s supply chain workshops and Post Graduate Certificate in Food and Grocery Industry Management.  She also manages IGD's annual Supply Chain Summit, bringing representatives from across the supply chain together to share best practice.
Prior to joining IGD, Karen gained 13 years experience in operations, demand planning and supply chain development with RS Components, InBev UK and Coca-Cola Enterprises.  Karen has a BSc (Hons) in Operations Management and a Postgraduate Diploma in Logistics Management



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