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NEW: ECR Europe Category Management & Shopper Marketing Benchmark survey results have now been analysed

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New publications:

Download Austria Shopper Types white paper    Efficient Promo ECR Russia    download csjf bluebook  

ECR Ireland, How to Layout a Retail Store - A Practical Guide to Macro Space Planning   ECR Ireland, How to Measure ROI for CatMan A Practical Guide for Measuring the ROI for Category Management Projects  ECR Ireland, How to Review Category Performance A Framework for Retailers and Suppliers to use when Conducting a Category Review  

ECR Ireland, How to Implement a Planogram A Practical Guide for the Execution of Planograms In-Store       Available 2014 Strategic Collaboration for shopper satisfaction whitepaper , the project was self-tasked with developing a new CatMan Collaboration Model to build business and maximize ROI for both the retailer and the supplier, recognizing that the needs of both retailers and manufacturers.

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Working group opportunities for Baltics shopper segmentation model with an objective to provide a common denominator shopper segmentation for retailers, manufacturers and market research:

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Category Management Foundations
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Completing a Category Assessment:
Category Tactics and Analytics:
Category Management on Limited Data:
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Category Management Effectiveness
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Baby Boomers: An Incredible Marketing Opportunity:
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Group leader: Antra Vītola

≈ 10 active participants


Main priorities:

• Standardization of category definitions

• Data exchange improvement

• Research in the Baltics

• Education about CatMan

ECR Baltic CatMan working group has been focusing on introducing and educating the retail market about Category Management. During the group meetings members of the group share their experience and best practices of Category Management.

Category Management working group has published informative material about Category Management: Category Management. What it is? Booklet consist of very basic Category Management concepts, describes Category Management potential, traditional retail process versus Category Management driven, answers how to start Category Planning and provides glossary of Category Management related terms.




Download .pdf: