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Strategic Category Management Fundamentals

Category Management Overview, Retailer Strategy, Category Definition & Segmentation, Category Roles, Develop & Implement the Category Plan 

This program gives the fundamentals that retailers and FMCG companies need to understand to move to a more strategic category management approach.  Participants will learn the foundations of the category management process, including the key steps of this retailer-driven process.  The rest of the program covers details of critical components of a Retailer's strategy, which create the foundations for the rest of the category management process.



Turning Data Into Insights: 

Understanding & Using Data, Category Assessment, Category Tactics & Analytics, Category Management on Limited Data

This program gives the analytic foundations required for basic data and analysis skills.  Participants will learn the key category management data sources and then learn key data measures associated with Retailer POS and syndicated data, including benchmarks and tactical measures (including Product Assortment, Shelving, Pricing and Promotion).  The last part of the program focuses on data analysis in a limited data environment, giving participants different ways to use the data that they do have access to.  Throughout the program participants will develop an understanding of how to turn data and information into insights and action.



Turning Data Into Action Through the Tactics: 

Pricing Analysis, Promotion Analysis, Space Management, Efficient Assortment

This program delves further into the tactics, with in-depth focus on strategy and analytics associated with pricing, promotion, space management and efficient assortment.  It arms participants with the necessary skills to complete in-depth analysis for their categories, segments and brands, with many hands-on workshops to allow them to practice their newly developed skills.


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ECR Baltic all members general meeting on 27.03.2015, Riga


REMINDER: Please be invited to the ECR Baltic General Meeting 2015 on Fri 27th of March at Radisson Blu Hotel Latvia:

Register and nominate for ECR Baltic Advisory Board (Council) simply by reply to this email before 25th of March! According to the statutes the current advisory board shall step off on 27th of June 2015 after 2 years term.

Date: 27th March 2015 | Time: 10:00 – 14:00

Place:  Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija, Elizabetes str. 55, LV-1010, Riga, Latvia (Hall: Epsilon)

Working language: English

AGENDA [PDF] Extended version below:

09:30 – 10:00  Registration


10:00 – 10:15  Introduction, antitrust caution and competition law compliance

10:15 – 11:00  Annual report 2014
(Download: Anual report in English and Latvian | Audit report original | Audit report English translation)
- members
- gold membership program
- EU co-funding opportunities

11:00 – 11:30  Elections ECR Baltic Board (Please send your nominations to


11:30 – 12:00  Coffee Break


12:00 – 12:30  Voting (if quorum reached)

12:30 – 13:45 ECR Baltic working streams and projects 2015 – member’s discussion.
- Connected Buisness Information Committee
- Supply Chain Committee
- Shopper / Category Managemet Committee
- Together for good trading prectices in Food Supply Chain / Call to action
- People devlopment: new services e-learning demonstration for certified category management courses and good trading practices
- ECR Baltic Forum 2015 from 11,-12.-13. November, Riga (with panel discussion and Ken Hughes as a key note about The Digital Native Advance: A New DNA for Shoppers and shopper marketing masterclass. Call for speakers and sponsorship opportunities.

14:00  Closure


More information:
Edgars Pentjuss +371 26546645

ECR Baltic Competition Law Compliance and Reminder of anti-trust caution: ECR Baltic provides a forum for discussion, learning and opportunities for improvement and the development and sharing the best practice. Membership and participation on ECR Baltic events is open to all players in the industry on the basis of non-discriminatory, transparent and objective criteria. ECR Baltic policy is not to enter into any discussion, activity or conduct that may infringe, on its part or on the part of its members and participants, any applicable competition laws. By way of example, members and participants shall not discuss, communicate or exchange any commercially sensitive information, including non-public information relating to prices, marketing and advertisement strategy, costs and revenues, trading terms and conditions and conditions with third parties, including purchasing strategy, terms of supply, trade programs or distribution strategy. This applies not only to discussion in formal meetings but also to informal discussions before, during or after meetings.

ECR Baltic at Lithuanian Traders Forum 2015 on 5th of March.


Please find us there at the booth with Chep and EPAL and separate session during lunch break for food supply chain companies:

“Together for good trading practices – European Supply Chain Initiative in Baltics”
-    About the framework to implement good trading practices.
-    What it is for food supply chain retailers, distributors, farmers and manufacturers.
-    How to subscribe as an individual company (letter of intent)?
-    Call to action in Baltics. (Call to action)

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NEW: Download SCI presentation, here!


Download SCI presentation, here!

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New publications:

Download Austria Shopper Types white paper    Efficient Promo ECR Russia    download csjf bluebook  

ECR Ireland, How to Layout a Retail Store - A Practical Guide to Macro Space Planning   ECR Ireland, How to Measure ROI for CatMan A Practical Guide for Measuring the ROI for Category Management Projects  ECR Ireland, How to Review Category Performance A Framework for Retailers and Suppliers to use when Conducting a Category Review  

ECR Ireland, How to Implement a Planogram A Practical Guide for the Execution of Planograms In-Store       Available 2014 Strategic Collaboration for shopper satisfaction whitepaper , the project was self-tasked with developing a new CatMan Collaboration Model to build business and maximize ROI for both the retailer and the supplier, recognizing that the needs of both retailers and manufacturers.

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Working group opportunities for Baltics shopper segmentation model with an objective to provide a common denominator shopper segmentation for retailers, manufacturers and market research:

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Category Management Foundations
Retailer Strategy in Category Management
Retailer Strategy in the Convenience Channel:
Category Management Training Course
Category Roles
Category Strategies
Category Management Data
Completing a Category Assessment:
Category Tactics and Analytics:
Category Management on Limited Data:
Develop and Implement the Category Plan:
Category Management Effectiveness
Build PowerPoint and Presentation Skills:
Excel Skills in Category Management
Consumer Panel Data, Building Data Competency:
Scanned Sales POS Data, Building Data Competency:
Category and Brand Health, Category Health Assessment:
Efficient Assortment:
Retail Pricing Strategies and Analytics
Promotion Analysis Techniques:
Advanced Category Management Analytics, Relativity:
Fact-Based Selling / Presentations:
Space Management:

Store Clustering
Shopper Marketing and Insights Course
Retailer Economics and the Product Supply Chain Retail math
Strategic Supply Chain Management:
Strategic Selling Collaborative Selling
Joint Business Plans
Baby Boomers: An Incredible Marketing Opportunity:
In-Store Marketing Overview:
6 Steps to Create Effective In-Store Marketing Materials:


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