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Mark Taylor

Mark has developed and delivered sales, negotiation, strategy and commercial courses for Pfizer, Nestle, Expedia, General Mills and many other multi billion dollar operations.

He has helped teams develop abilities and behaviours which have added, conservatively,

$100 million  P.A. additional benefit to their bottom line and in excess of $1 billion projected to date.

He has designed ground breaking and world leading development platforms which have

been adopted globally and regularly deliver ROI`s of 3000%

His focus on developing commercial sales, negotiation, strategic and leadership skills has help win global awards.

Through a diverse career, he has had an extensive background to Board Director level in

People Development, Marketing, Sales, Merchandising and Buying during which Mark has managed turnovers in excess of $350,000,000.

His unusual background in both Sales, Marketing, Retail Buying and Merchandising gives him a unique perspective that provides a sustainable competitive edge for manufacturers teams.

He lives by the expression “Ok, it`s impossible, now how do we do it?”.

Negotiation Master Class.

Highly advanced & relevant behavioural negotiation program CEO to Manager level 2 Days Max 6 pax

Advanced Selling through Story Telling Advanced platform designed to engage customers in modern markets CEO to Manager level 2 Days Max 6 pax

Influencing External and Internal Customers. Strategic retail and commercial understanding linked to world class presentation skills CEO to Manager level 2 Days Max 8

Influencing External and Internal Customers Embedding

Strategic retail and commercial understanding linked to world class presentation skills polished to perfection

CEO to Manager level 2 Days Max 8 pax

Influencing Internal Customers. Strategic commercial understanding linked to world class presentation skills CEO to Manager level 2 Days Max 8 pax

Introduction to Influencing Customers. Core presentation skills for everyday use

Associate to Manager Level 1 Day Max 20 pax

Introduction to Negotiation Core negotiation skills for everyday use

Associate to Manager Level 1 Day Max 20 pax

Introduction to Selling Core sales skills for everyday use

Associate to Manager Level1  Day Max 20 pax

Presenting as a Statesman Powerfull one day session to polish the consulate senior presenter CEO to Director Level 1 Day Max 2 pax

Re-Inventing Manufacturing

Group event designed to deliver commercially focused strategic thinking with high levels

of ROI All levels 2 Days Max 30

Train The Trainer Training for Field Sales Trainers Regional Manager 2 Days Max 4 pax

Commercial Coaching for Performance

Developing skills, behaviours and engaging interpersonal attitudes for in-field coaches of

commercial teams Regional Manager / Department Director 1 Day Max 12 pax

Coaching for Performance (including reviews)

Developing skills, behaviours and engaging interpersonal attitudes for coaches of all departmental teams All Managers 2 Days Max 12 pax

Recruitment Excellence Training How to recruit, retain and reward to achieve maximum performance HR 1.5 Days Max 12 pax


Ken Hughes, Glacier Consulting, download speaker brochure

Ken Hughes

Consumer & Shopper Behaviouralist, Playologist, Thought Leader, Keynote Speaker.

**** All time best rated speaker at ECR Baltic conferences and workshops

Ken’s LinkedIn profile
Ken on YouTube: Shopper Irrationality | TEDx

Download Speakers Brochure with topic guide!

Ken's profile and topic overview on

  • The Digital Native Advance: A New DNA for Shoppers
  • Experiential Retail: The Need for Positive Disruption
  • We’re All A Bit Crazy: Harnessing Shopper Irrationality (Shopper Psychology). View teaser video.
  • Shopper Marketing & Shopper Centricity
  • Neuro marketing and biometric shopper measurement.
  • Languages:  English
  • For public and in-house class room  trainings, master-classes, full day.
  • Key note at Conferences

Constant Berkhout, Retail Marketing & Shopper Insights Consultant, owner & founder of Rijnbrug Advies

**** Top rated speaker at ECR Baltic Forum 2014 on shopper irrationality.

Constant's LinkedIn profile



  • Irrational Shopper Behaviour (and Shopper Marketing adjusted to food or non food retail/ manufacturer needs)


  • Increased insight into the manner in which shoppers make choices and obtain preference for brands
  • Get acquainted with the emotional and automatic pitfalls in the shopper decision process
  • Apply insight into the irrational shopper on challenges in the retail context you are facing now
  • Better understanding of shopper behaviour
  • Better questions for your shopper research

  • Languages:  English or Dutch
  • In-house or public 4h workshop
  • Agenda:

Presentation irrational behaviour


Application of tools

Retail examples

Workshop shopper journey 

Brent McKenzie, MBA, PhD








Brent McKenzie, MBA, PhD
Associate Professor, Marketing Strategy and Retail Trade Department of Marketing and Consumer Studies College of Business and Economics University of Guelph Guelph, CANADA

Download CV

Research Interests:
- Marketing Practices in Transition Economies/the Baltic States – Estonia/Latvia/Lithuania
- Retail Service Quality and Retail Management
- Cross-Cultural Research Issues
- Marketing Metrics
- Marketing and Retail Trade History

  • Category Management
  • in English
  • Webinar, Class Room

Webinar sample with SSERussia: Shopper Marketing what we know and what we don't know?

Kevin Hawkins has more than 35 years professional experience in leading the development and deployment of Sales Capability programs for more than 10,000 employees of Procter & Gamble and its business partners in Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa (CEEMEA). He has a background in the Sales function and is highly qualified to train Selling and Negotiation skills. Kevin also has wide experience of and is an authoritative and dynamic speaker on a range of Commercial skills. These include Leadership, Teamwork, Coaching, Motivation, Execution and Formal Presentation skills.

Kevin's LinkedIn profile

Collaborative Relationship maste-Class held in Jurmala 2014 by ECR Baltic.

  • Selling with Target in Mind.
    Purpose: How to become an expert in selling and reaching your targets
    Target Audience: Sales teams and those who have internal/external clients
    Duration: 3-4 days
    Class: Up to 30
  • Effective Negotiation Skills.
    Purpose: How to use different negotiation tactics and gain win-win results
    Target Audience: For people having internal and external communication with clients
    Duration: 1 Day
    Class: 20-26
  • Customer Relationship Management
    Purpose: How to build sustainable business to business relationships
    Target Audience: Customer Sales Teams (including non-Sales functional resources). For teams working with large complex customers
    Duration: 1 Day
    Class: 3 teams of up to 10
  • Execute with Excellence
    Purpose: How Teams can deliver their business priorities on time and on budget.
    Target Audience: Business Teams.
    Duration: 1 Day
    Class: 20
  • Formal Presentation Skills
    Purpose: How to design and deliver impactful presentations
    Target Audience: Those who make presentations to audiences. Ideal for those who make extended presentations (eg classroom training)
    Duration: 1 Day
    Class: 20

  • in English
  • In-house workshops


Kaija Kurme-Jansone holds a master degree in International Economics and Business and has more than 12 years professional experience in companies like Microsoft and Procter & Gamble. Kaija’s experience ranges from marketing and sales functions in Baltics to regional and global project management in e-commerce and category management areas. Kaija is a Social partner in Quality Advisory Board of University of Latvia, she has been Member of the Board in ECR Baltic, introducing Category Management to Baltic market and running several working groups within ECR organization.

Kaija's LinkedIn profile

List of trainings from Experience Mind

  • Shopper Psychology based Category Management
    Purpose: Get to know the customer and learn how to manage the categories to grow the sales
    Target Audience: New category managers and other functions related (sales, marketing, merchandizing etc.)
    Duration: 1 Day
    Class: up to 18 
  • in English and Latvian
  • Inhouse workshops

Jukka Jokiranta, Focusit Finland
Jukka is a recognized cooperation process and Category Management expert in consumer goods industry and one of the first ECR Learning Programme Partners. Jukka has delivered several consulting projects in retailer-manufacturer cooperation and business development with multinational consumer goods companies in Finland, Russsia and Baltics. Jukka has over 10 years experience in sales and business process development from different industry sectors. Jukka holds an MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management.

Jukka's LinkedIn profile

Jukka's CM workshop at ECR Baltic


  • Category Management Basics

  • in English
  • In-house and public workshops
  • Category advisor

IGD (UK) provides leadership to the food and consumer goods industry to ensure it delivers what matters to the public. A research and training charity, IGD is the leading source of information and best practice on the consumer goods industry worldwide. We use our insight and expertise to equip people to face the challenges of this fast-changing world.

IGD hosts ECR UK initiative

IGD facilitated workshops at ECR Baltic:

* An introduction to Supply Chain

* What do retailers want from your supply chain

* Investment and Promotional Effectiveness (**** the most appretiated workshop by ECR participants, marked as "must have" for local suppliers).

* Shopper engagement

* Series of Retail Ready Packaging workshops with Rimi Baltic;

* Food and Packaging waste prevention workshop in Vilnius

* The first Category Management trainings in Baltics.



 IGD Academy

  • in English
  • In-house and public workshops
  • Free webinars
  • Conferences and Forums Category Management Knowledge Group



North American Category Management Association accredited and certified online category management courses.

Following CMKG courses enables you to prepare for Category Management Association's Category Management Professional certification in 3 levels for Category Analyst, Category Manager and Strategic Advisor:



 Business references:

  • Thomas Thorfinn
    Head of Category Management Scandinavia,

Foundational Courses:

  • Category Management Foundations
  • Retailer Strategy in Category Management
  • Retailer Strategy in the Convenience Channel:
  • Category Management Training Course
  • Category Roles
  • Category Strategies
  • Category Management Data
  • Completing a Category Assessment:
  • Category Tactics and Analytics:
  • Category Management on Limited Data:
  • Develop and Implement the Category Plan:
Intermediate Courses:
  • Category Management Effectiveness
  • Build PowerPoint and Presentation Skills:
  • Excel Skills in Category Management
  • Consumer Panel Data, Building Data Competency:
  • Scanned Sales POS Data, Building Data Competency:
  • Category and Brand Health, Category Health Assessment:
  • Efficient Assortment:
  • Retail Pricing Strategies and Analytics
  • Promotion Analysis Techniques:
  • Advanced Category Management Analytics, Relativity:
  • Fact-Based Selling / Presentations:
  • Space Management:
Advanced Courses:
  • Store Clustering
  • Shopper Marketing and Insights Course
  • Retailer Economics and the Product Supply Chain Retail math
  • Strategic Supply Chain Management:
  • Strategic Selling Collaborative Selling
  • Joint Business Plans
  • Baby Boomers: An Incredible Marketing Opportunity:
  • In-Store Marketing Overview:
  • 6 Steps to Create Effective In-Store Marketing Materials:

Full list...

  • in English
  • Online trainings (Note: Online trainings can make savings up to 70% compared to classroom trainings)
  • Free webinars
  • Certification enabled

Available upon request!


Marcel Corstjens – professor of marketing at INSEAD Business School, board member of leading European retailers, researcher, author and consultant.


  • Marcel has consulted with several European retailers at the highest level and have been an independent member of the board of directors of Jeronimo Martins (Biedronka).
  • Marcel is well known for his research work and publications as well as for teaching and consulting activities in the FMCG industry for more than 38 years.
  • The Mar-Pro lectures and simulation form a complement to Marcel’s new book ‘Penetration: the New Battle for Mindspace and Shelfspace,’ which was published at the end of 2015.

Mar-Pro. Collaborative education solution for FMCG retail


English -

Russian –

ECR community highly appreciated Mar-Pro seminar 

Testimonials about Mar-Pro:


NEW Presentations:

-        ECR Mar-Pro Presentation

-        ECR Catmania

-        Mar-Pro Pedigree



Mar-Pro is a 2,5-days business education program for FMCG retail focusing on the creation of added value and the change of attitude. 

At the core of the program is the most sophisticated business simulation world representing life-like market conditions, shoppers and their behavior, competitors and other driving forces of the FMCG industry.

Mar-Pro is a unique opportunity to experience both sides, see the world through your trade partner’s eyes and work to create the win-win-win relationships.

What makes Mar-Pro unique?

  • Specifically designed for FMCG, Mar-Pro focuses on today’s crucial challenges: new product launches, pricing, promotions, defending mega-brands against premium and price entrants, margin preservation, shelf space and POS allocation, and price-driven retail competition.
  • The Mar-Pro simulation and lectures flow from up-to-date research on value creation and avoiding value destruction or retail deflation.
  • A unique ‘swap-over’ mechanism means that every participant experiences both sides of the negotiations – retailer and manufacturer - within one seminar.
  • Mar-Pro is easy to get into allowing for a quick start and a 2,5-days schedule.

Key Mar-Pro learnings
At the end of the seminar each participant will:


  1. Get the experience on both sides of the “trading table”.
  2. Learn to use the tools for added value creation (5 tools of Win-Win).
  3. Change their attitude towards creating win-win relationships with their trading partners.


Duration: 2.5 days.

Target audience: professionals with a minimum of 2 years of experience in commercial function (sales, purchases, marketing, category management).


Number of group: from 16 to 24 participants, split into 8 teams of manufacturers and retailers


Methods: business simulation, negotiations, lectures, discussions, coaching.

The available formats of the program: in-house and collaborative 



Catmania is the world’s first and only category management

business simulation and education solution.

Key competencies: advanced understanding of category management tools and their economic influence, strategic thinking focusing on shopper needs.

Main advantages:

1. The only business simulation program on category management in the world.

2. The participants are trained in using the 4P tactics (Product/Price/Place/Promotion) which ensure successful relationship with customers.

3. Get a complete picture of all decisions taken within category management framework at every level of the company.

The participants’ task is to use the tools of category management, focusing on shopper needs and based on partner interaction between supplier and retailer.

After passing the course, you will become fully proficient in category management:


  • Combine category roles to the maximum effect
  • Apply strategies and tactics (4P) for category growth
  • Able to understand the shoppers’ needs and implement accordingly
  • Understand how category captain can benefit or impede your business
Know the specifics and limitations of category management

Available formats of the program:

  • In-house programs for the employees of one company;
  • Regular open programs with a mix of participants from FMCG retail and manufacturing companies;
  • Collaborative programs made for one customer with category-specific groups of participants from retail and manufacturing companies.

Methods: business simulation, negotiations, lectures, discussions.

Duration: 3 days of non-stop practice.

Target audience: professionals with a minimum of 3 years of experience in commercial function (sales, purchases, marketing, category management).

Group: 12-18 participants.



 Speaker/Facilitator: Topics (Supply Chain, Enabling Technologies):  Format:

  • 3h Classroom + 1h on field
  • Train a trainer

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