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I am pleased to recommend CMKG as the supplier of Category Management training courses. As the Head of Category Management at Cloetta I have come in contact with CMKG both as student but also as purchaser of their services to my team members over the last 2 years. The fact that CMKG can offer certified courses by the Category Management Association gives me the confidence that they are well aware of everything there is to know about Category Management and that they are up to date with industry standards and best practice.

CMKG´s sophisticated grasp of on-line training, combined with expert knowledge within the field of Category Management has helped both me and my team at Cloetta to excel within the field of Category Management. The output from CMKG´s courses has exceeded expectations and has given my team a common platform to work from when it comes to category analysis and insights. This was one of our greatest challenges within the company due to the fact that we handle multiple categories in three different countries as well. The need for a common approach to category analysis and insights was highly needed in order to be able to take correct strategic decisions and actions cross categories and markets.

CMKG has helped us to improve our way of working both internally and externally with our customers, making it easier for us to work more effectively in the future. CMKG has the skill set and the ability to help businesses excel within the field of category management and create real value in the work of category management.

As a result of the cooperation with CMKG Cloetta last year won the prestigious trade award “The Space Manager of the Year” at Dagligvarugalan in Sweden. This was the result of innovatively and with well-founded ideas with the whole category's development in focus, regarding consumer, retail, and chain in mind.

For all these reasons, I think CMKG is a great option for any business within the retail industry to get inspired by in order to excel their knowledge within category management and create real value within their business as well.

Best regards

Thomas Thorfinn

Head of Category Management Scandinavia, Cloetta


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