16.06.2011 Introduction to Category Management


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References: What was told by our participants?

 - As I work in this area for a short period, all this workshop was very useful for me. But the most attractive for me was a part where we talked how to plan category to achieve customers needs and earn more money.
This Workshop was focuded mostly to basics. So for me it was thats what I needed at that moment. It would be great to see and discuss more real examples.
- Need more practice. This workshop is very useful for begginers in category management and gives very good basics.
- Very comfortable, warm atmosphere, it was not boring. Thank you!

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Category Management training in Riga 16.06.2011


Overview: An introduction to the consumer based business management. The course provides a basic understanding of Category Management model, process and principles. It also provides a basic level understanding on category management tactics.

Target Audience: This course is specifically for those new to Category Management and its principles. It provides good overview for both retailers and manufacturers from functions such as:

Retailers: Marketing, purchasing, category management
Manufacturers: Sales, account management, marketing, product management, R&D

Prerequisites: There are none as this is a beginner level course

Objectives: This course provides a basic understanding of Category Management process.

Course enables participants to:

• Understand consumers (shoppers) role as a driving force
• Understand the importance of collaboration between trading partners
• Identify the stages of Category Management process
• Boost sales by using Category Management tactics
• Recognize the practical issues within Category Management
• Apply Category Management model in own company and role

Course Content:

• What is Category Management? - The Introduction
• The Category Management Process
• Consumer Decision Process
• Category Management Tactics
• Implementation
• Workshops

Language and Target Country: The course is written and conducted in English.
Course length: 1 day

Place: Tallink Hotel Riga, 24 Elizabetes, Riga
Price: ECR Baltic members: Euro 224 | non members: Euro 298 + 22% VAT

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Further Information:

Edgars Pentjuss General Manager
M: +371 26546645

Jukka Jokiranta
Managing Director, FocusIt Consulting Ltd.
ECR Learning Programme Partner
M: +358 40 508 1815

About the facilitator: FocusIt Consulting

A recognized retailer-manufacturer cooperation process and Category Management expert in consumer goods industry and one of the first ECR Learning Programme Partners.

Delivered several consulting projects in retailer-manufacturer cooperation and business development with multinational consumer goods companies.

Over 10 years experience in sales and business process development from different industry sectors.

Retail and manufacturer strategy, category management, operational business development processes, retailer and manufacturer cooperation processes, customer relationship management, sales and account management processes

Experience: Jukka Jokiranta, Managing Director FocusIt Consulting 

LinkedInConsumer Goods industry
January 2006 – Present (5 years 6 months)

Strategy and business process consulting in consumer goods sector.

Specialized in strategic collaboration processes and sales processes within the retail value chain (e.g. Category Management, Account Management and other demand related business processes).

Service portforlio includes e.g. project management, strategic process development, implementation and coaching.

Various retailer and supplier customers in Finland, Russia and in Baltic’s.

Development Manager, ECR Finland
Consumer Goods industry
August 2008 – December 2010 (2 years 5 months)

ECR Finland is a non-profit cooperation association for retailers and suppliers.

In this role, responsible for ECR Finland strategy implementation, offering development and finance. Responsible for coordination of steering groups and managing collaboration programs with various organizations, associations and work groups. Action planning and implementation in FMCG and Foodservice area

ECR training program and educational content development and implementation in Finland

Representative of Finland in European ECR National Initiatives Forum, secretary of ECR Finland Board and a member of GS1 Finland Management Team

Other: Sales manager at TietoEnator Corporation and account manager at Sonera Zed

Jukka Jokiranta at ECR Baltic Forum 2010, we remember Jukka for his presentation on Category Management Finland business case and new ways of coopertaion - how to do CM with your own market data, data you have available in-house.

Please download *.pdf presentation here!

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If Category Management and Shopper topics has the highest priority on your agenda, please consider also information below:

Joining ECR Baltic Category Management working group, please register here!

About ECR Baltic Category Management working group:

Leader: Antra Vītola (ACNielsen)

Aim: Define Category Management (CM) common practice in Baltics and promotion of Category Management way of doing business to Baltic retailers and manufacturers.

category management brochureDeliverables:

 -Category Management brochure (first published in 2008), to be revised and updated with local business cases in 2011, including survey on recognizing issues for each of 8 steps of Category Management business processes;

-Align category definitions and product classifications also in case of Product Data Pool (GDSN) introduction in Baltics.

-Trainings and Education.


Learn more about Category Management  from ECR Europe and other ECR National Initiatives resources:

download PDF guide to category management

The Essential Guide to Day to Day Category Management

by Andersen Consulting (2000)

The Essential Guide to Day-to-Day Category Management is the outcome of the ECR Europe Day-to-Day Category Management project, a team of retailers, manufacturers and marketing information providers from across Europe, who pooled their expertise and have transformed category management from a project based approach to a day to day business process.

A “one size fits all” solution is unlikely to work given the widely varying levels of resource, data availability and experience in countries, companies and categories across Europe. The Guide therefore identifies a “continuum solution” whereby a set of key business questions can be answered in different ways – and with different levels of sophistication – appropriate to the situation at hand; guidance is also given on how to find an appropriate position on this continuum.


category management by ecr russia

ECR Russia Category Management Bluebook (2008) in Russian

 Управление Категориями или Категорийный менеджмент – это стратегическое сотрудничество розничного оператора, и поставщика, при котором стороны управляют категорией как Стратегической единицей и достигают роста категории (увеличение продаж и прибыли) путем набора действий, ориентированных на покупателя. Миссия комитета: улучшение Ключевых Показателей бизнеса путем продвижения самых современных методик Категорийного менеджмента на российском рынке с фокусом на потребителя, используя потенциал совместного роста продаж ритейлеров и поставщиков.





New: The Consumer & Shopper Journey Framework

by ECR Europe, emnos and The Partnering Group  (2011)

Download PDF shopper jorneyThe Consumer & Shopper Journey Framework has been developed by representatives from retailing, manufacturing, experts in loyalty card analytics and specialized consultants from the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) business for ECR (Efficient Consumer Response) Europe.

As the core of this work is the goal of providing a clearer understanding of the changes and their causes that are occurring in the definition of “consumer and shopper value” and how retailers and manufacturers can leverage this understanding in strategies that deliver benefits for consumers and increased sales and profits for retailers and manufacturers. The new definition of “value” is being driven by a host of changes that are occurring in the marketplace, including the dynamics of the new economy, new consumer sociological and demographic changes, the enormous impact of digital communications

This topic will be covered also by the next ECR Baltic and IGD Academy training on Shopper Engagement after Category Management Introduction on 16th of June.