ECR National Initiatives Activation Projects:


1. VMI Guide (Collaborative Supply Chain Management Guide)
2. Category Management and Shopper Marketing Benchmark Survey
3. Speed Docking
4. Logistics Pooling
5. Affordable Benchmarking
6. Feeding Europe's Future
7. Waste Management
8. Shopper Segmentation
9. Supply Chain Feature from ECR UK: Adapting to a Multichannel Retail Environment
10. ECR National, Europe and Global websites:


1. VMI Supply Chain Management Guide

Download draft, here!Objective: To agree on Collaborative ECR Best Practice process models in Supply Chain Management for retailers, suppliers and logistic service providers.

Output:   Published Supply Chain Management Guidebook
Participants: Austria, Baltics, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, UK.
Work to date: Tallinn University of Technology. appointed to co-ordinate feedback and do Guidebook redrafts.
Industry experts have given feedback on Guidebook from Ireland, Italy, Baltics, Poland, Switzerland.
Online survey has been carried out to obtain wider industry feedback on VMI.
VMI 'Toolbox' and V 1.3 of Guide has been drafted.
ECR/GS1 has reviewed draft 1.3 and provided feedback to Tallinn University of Technology (TUT).

Participating companies form ECR Baltic: Rimi Baltic, Royal Unibrew, Coca Cola, Sanitex.
Important due dates: final vesrion august 2015
More information or want to join, please contact: Edgars Pentjuss, ECR Baltic | Sven Uustalu, MSc Student, Hele Hammer, PhD, supervisor Tallinn University of Technology

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2. Category Management and Shopper Marketing Benchmark Survey

ECR Baltic Category Management and Shopper Marketing SurveyObjective: To benchmark the use of, rate of adoption and latest trends in category management and shopper marketing.
Participating NIs: Baltics, Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland.

Work to Date:
Survey completed in Ireland, Italy, and Russia
Reasonable sample achieved but not representative
Survey also sent out in Baltics (please check ECR Baltic 2014 results, here and survey itself here!), Belgium, Czech/Slovak and Switzerland but low response rates so survey not published and not dispatched in Sweden. 
Review and proposal document completed and circulated:
    - reviewing methodology and issues with it,
    - reviewing some other surveys available,
    - outlining options for next steps.

Findings from Other CM surveys reviewed:

Other surveys are also done online.
They do not seem to be any shorter than our own one - and all claimed to take 15 minutes to complete.
No other survey was found which has the same depth of coverage ECR has - while one Global survey was found, its sample size was only "over 200 organisations".
No other survey claimed to stratify their sample according to company type, etc.

Next Steps:
Participating NIs to revert with feedback on document and views on option to take. end August
Conference call to decide next step early September
If going ahead (either through ECR or external agency), go into field. end September
If going ahead, complete fieldwork. end October

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3. Speed Docking

Read press release on speed dockingObjective: To reduce the time of trucks at retailer depots by organising a competition to award the fastest depot.
Participating NIs: Belgium, Czech/Slovakia, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland.

ECR Belgium and Heinz presentation at ECR Baltic Forum, Jūrmala on 11.11.2014

Work to Date: 2014 Competition completed in Belgium & Luxembourg, Netherlands,
Also Czech/Slovak went ahead despite initial indications it might be cancelled. 
Award ceremonies completed and press release circulated among NIs
Conference call completed which reviewed 2014 and discussed initial strategy for 2015

Next Steps:

Caroz and ECR Netherlands to draw up draft Roadmap for 2015: what companies can expect to achieve long term, evolution of competition, etc. end August
Workshops in Belgium to analyse data further and seek ways to improve turnaround times based on findings. end September
Other project participants to review and amend Roadmap. end September
Discuss project with new ECR Europe co-chairs.
Official launch of Speed Docking in Poland. October 1

Links: How to Get Started with Speed Docking (doc) | Speed Docking website


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4. Logistics Pooling

Objective:  To develop harmonised processes on how to implement logistics pooling between manufacturers and/or retailers.

Output:  Practical guidelines, extension of French website, providing an exhaustive list of warehouses and distribution centres for manufacturers and retailers.

Participants: Belgium, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy,Poland. Switzerland (observer).
Work to Date:
Agreed pooling terminology.
Discussed findings from French and Italy experience.
Completed Survey of NIs to determine level of projects known.
Circulated English version of French documents
Collaborative Logistics Handbook and Barometer.

Next Steps: Gather learnings from other NIs where available.

Request! Please forward any futher information you can source on logistics pooling projects that you are aware of.  These will be added to the Logistics Pooling library (please forward info to

Compile a register of all warehouses and distribution centres in project members' countries (tbc).
Investigate possibility of European Logistics Pooling website (based on French website model), using this register.   Note French Logistics Pooling website currently under reconstruction, due for completion September (tbc).
Develop project plan further to put steps in place with timelines to deliver above outcomes. September

Links: Collaborative Logistics Handbook | Collaborative Logistics Barometer | Logistics Pooling Library

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5. Affordable Benchmarking (Supply Chain)

Logibar websiteObjective: To develop a simple, affordable benchmarking platform, to measure 5 basic ECR Supply chain management KPIs, making it easy for regular monthly reporting.
Output: Working platform with standardised approach in participating countries.

Link to LogiBar website (in Polish and English)
Work to Date:

Indicators and LogiBar website developed in ECR Poland.
9 companies using LogiBar monthly in Poland.
Pilot test completed in Czech/Slovak.
ECR Cyprus have reviewed and are currently seeking participants.

Indicators Tracked on LogiBar:

1.  % On-time delivery to customers
- share of total deliveries on time in total.
2.  % In-full delivery to customers
- share of units ordered which were delivered.
3.  % of Orders which had customer claims
- both quantitative and qualitative, excluding claims regarding pricing.
4.  Days of Stock coverage
-  the ratio of the average inventory for the month to sales.

5.  % Forecast accuracy for 1 month and for 3 months
-  sales value as a percentage of forecast value.
These definitions of indicators have been devised by a multidisciplinary team of logistics managers in conjunction with ECR and ILiM. 

Each user only sees their date and average for their category/industry.
When more countries start using Logibar, cross country benchmarks will also be available.  
Next Steps
Increase participation in Poland and embed current members.
Roll out in full in Czech/Slovakia. (has been delayed).
Cyprus to get minimum of 5 participants to start benchmarking in Cyprus.
Seek other National Initiatives to join to enable cross country benchmarking. 
(Please see link below on Reasons to Join.)

Link to:  Reasons to get involved in Affordable Benchmarking

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6. Feeding Europe's Future

Feeding Ireland's Future weblink Feeding Ireland's Future weblink

Objective: To provide pre-employment training in the Grocery industry to young unemployed.  Participating countries will get advice and support from Britain, based on their experience in running "Feeding Britain's Future" events and from Ireland from their "Skills for Work Week". 
Participants: Czech & Slovak, Ireland, UK.
Considering (at various stages, some if resources allow, for 2015) : Austria, Baltics, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland.

Links: 6 Reasons why National Initiatives should get involved | Feeding Ireland's Future weblink | Feeding Britain's Future web link

Note: In May 2014, the Youth Unemployment rate was 22.2% in EU28, according to Eurostat: Youth Unemployment Rates across Europe May 2014

Baltics, worth to act?
Latvia 11.6% vs Youth Unemployment 23.8%

Lithuania 11.5% vs Youth unemployment 21.1%
Estonia 8.7% vs Youth unemployment 19.1%

Please have a look at these 2 videos.  More than any document or numbers, these give a good feel for the success of the project that we'd now like to roll out across Europe, with your support:


ECR Ireland Skills for Work Week

Feeding Britain's Future success stories

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7. Waste Management

European Parliament : 2014 The Year Against Food WasteObjective: To enable each National Initiative host a Waste Management project in their own country. 

Participants: Austria, Czech & Slovak, Finland, France, Italy, Poland, Spain, UK.
Considering: Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland.

Work to date: 
Case has been made identifying the problem of waste.
Project brief has been completed.


least prefered waste management option: disposeNIs have been assessing scope locally.
Presentation prepared for NIs on Why Get Involved - see link below.

Next Steps:
Complete by Richard Swannell of WRAP is meeting Jon Woolven to see how they can support project. mid September
Set up Webinar for NIs showing latest tools available. October/November

Link to:  One Page Reasons Why your National Initiative should join ECR Waste Project

New: Powerpoint Presentation on Why your NI should get involved



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8. Shopper Segmentation

Objective: To provide a common denominator shopper segmentation for retailers, manufacturers and market research.
based on a model developed by ECR Austria and GfK, together with a working group of representatives from 25 retailers and manufacturers.  
Methodology:  segmentation based on household panel buyer behaviour data and attitudinal data.    
Participants: Austria, Spain.
Considering: Belgium, Czech & Slovak, Greece, Ireland, Poland.

Work to Date:

Project brief completed and communicated to NIs.
Initial Conference call of interested NIs completed.
- Agreed each NI would check level of interest in joining project with their Boards, retailer and supplier contacts.   This work is ongoing. Powerpoint presentation to assist NIs in local Scoping completed.

Next Steps:
NIs to continue discussions locally with Retailers and Suppliers to identify level of interest in project and discuss with their ECR Board. as soon as possible
Clarify any queries raised by NIs following these discussions.     September
Develop project plan with steps to deliver ECR segmentation in confirmed NIs and agree with NI team.end September

Powerpoint Slides: Segmentation Scoping

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9. Supply Chain Feature from ECR UK: Adapting to a Multichannel Retail Environment

Multichannel the new normalBig box retailing is losing its hold across much of Europe as the overwhelming favourite format for food shopping, according to IGD UK.  Large stores remain popular but discount, convenience, online shopping and takeaway food are all growing market share.

IGD research has found that UK shoppers use, on average, four different food retail channels per month.   Adapting to multichannel was one of the biggest priorities for retailers in IGD's 2014 global supply chain leaders' survey. It lagged further down the list for suppliers, largely because more than a third of manufacturers are unclear what they need to do to prepare their business for the changes.

Retailers agree they need to articulate more clearly their requirements for a multichannel supply chain and suppliers certainly need to grasp the opportunities quickly. This will include tailoring pack sizes by channel, earlier or more frequent deliveries to support online and a supply chain flexible enough to rapidly move stock where it is most needed against a backdrop of volatile demand.

Multichannel will be one of the big discussion points at the 2014 IGD Supply Chain Summit on 12th November in London.
You can download free highlights from last year's summit and find out more about this year's event here:

IGD UK Supply Chain Summit: 2013 Highlights and 2014 Programme

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10. ECR National, Europe and Global websites:

ECR Europe | ECR Community

ECR Austria
ECR Baltic
ECR Belgium
ECR Brazil
ECR Croatia
ECR Czech & Slovakia
ECR Finland
ECR France Conseil d'Administration
ECR Germany
ECR Greece
ECR Hungary
ECR Iceland
ECR Ireland
ECR Italy
ECR Nederland
ECR Norway
ECR Poland Management Board
ECR Portugal
ECR Russia Board of Directors
ECR South Africa
ECR Spain
ECR Sweden
ECR Switzerland
ECR United Kingdom




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